14 – 22/5/2016 |

Rope Rescue Course

Organized by instructors of the Italian CNSAS and the French National Police and Rescue Body.

1 – 10/7/2015 |

Climbing Course

With Antonis Antonopoulos.

1/6/2015 |

Certified First Aid Course

With Dr. Alexandra Koukoutsi, Greek Doctor with specialty in High Altitude Medicine and Coach for High Altitude Expeditions, member of UIAA and EFR First Aid Instructor.

16 – 23/9/2014 |

Mountain First Aid Course

With Dr. Antonio Prestini, Doctor and Mountain Guide, member of CNSAS (Italy).

16-21/9/2013 |

Certified Rope Rescue Course

By Bill Batson and Mark Davies, crew of Lyon Equipment, UK. Bill Batson (Lyon Equipment Training Manager and rescue specialist). Mark Davies (Lyon Equipment Trainer and Consultant).

29/7/2013 |

20 days Rope Rescue Course

By a Mountaineering Instructor of the Greek Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, Mr. Antonis Antonopoulos.