T/C | 14-22/5/2016 | ROPE RESCUE [IT/FR]

Organized by instructors of the Italian CNSAS and the French National Police and Rescue Body.

Massimo Datrino:
Mountain Guide, Mountain Rescue Instructor, Helicopter Rescue Technician, in charge of Alpine Rescue in Aosta Valley, Italy, member of CNSAS.

Alain Meniere:
Instructor at the National Center of Ski and Alpinism of the French Police body (CNISAG) in Chamonix, Chief of Mountain Rescue and Instructor and officer of the French Police.

David Rastouil:
member of French Police body (CNISAG) in Chamonix.

Eight members of the Team had the chance to be trained in Rope Rescue techniques, in order to grow our technical team. With this course the team trained to deal with an accident in various difficult parts of a climbing route, or path, from handling the casualty and first aid to moving the casualty with a stretcher and ropes from any place, bolted or not.

This course was a unique example of international cooperation and friendship. It was organized and offered for free by the instructors and their institutions. Their residence, food and transportation in Kalymnos were totally offered by local businesses, as their way of supporting this fine project.

photo credits: David Rastouil

T/C | 1/7/2015 | CLIMBING COURSE

With Antonis Antonopoulos.

Five not so experienced members of the Team received a basic training to be able to climb in a sport or traditional route, to deal with simple but significant matters of safety and simple mountaineering gear. This course was considered obligatory in order to bring members with different levels of experience in a common baseline to be trained as rescuers. The fees for this course were covered by a fund raised by “The Send” team, a British initiative who create and sell digital topos of climbing routes and raise funds for the local communities.

T/C | 1/6/2015 | FIRST AID UIAA

With Dr. Alexandra Koukoutsi, Greek Doctor with specialty in High Altitude Medicine and Coach for High Altitude Expeditions, member of UIAA and EFR First Aid Instructor.

In this course the Team was trained to practice BLS and deal with all the usual cases of traumas on the field. Again, around 10 of our members received this certified seminar. This course was dedicated to Fred, a Swiss climber who died in a tragic accident in Kalymnos in 2014. His family and friends raised a big amount for our Rescue Team, which we invested in training in First Aid.

T/C | 16-23/9/2014 | MOUNTAIN FIRST AID

With Dr. Antonio Prestini, Doctor and Mountain Guide, member of CNSAS (Italy).

Dr Prestini offered this seminar to the Team for free, in exchange to our hospitality. In this seminar 10 of our members got a general idea of the accident scene and how to evaluate it, how to handle a casualty, what are the basic steps to the Preliminary Assessment of the casualty and many more.


By Bill Batson and Mark Davies, crew of Lyon Equipment, UK. Bill Batson (Lyon Equipment Training Manager and rescue specialist). Mark Davies (Lyon Equipment Trainer and Consultant).

This second training was the formalization of the Team’s collaboration with Wildsport, as their sponsor, as all the equipment used in the training and later at rescue was offered by this business. Also this project had the support of Petzl Foundation, who recognized the necessity of a trained team in Kalymnos, so they invited Lyon Equipment to train 6 of our members, forming the first core of the “technical” team inside the Rescue Team. This training was again supported by Alternet (Kalliopi Tsagari) who provided the accommodation and the car for free to the instructors, food to all the participants, and all the other expenses of the course e.g. the cost of the sea transfers.

photo credits: Stephane Lozac’hmeur

T/C | 29/7/2013 | 20 DAYS ROPE RESCUE COURSE

By a Mountaineering Instructor of the Greek Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, Mr. Antonis Antonopoulos.

Mr. Antonopoulos has a great experience in mountaineering, climbing and teaching and has a personal interest in rope rescue techniques. Mr. Antonopoulos provided a very useful first training to 6 members of the team, adjusted to the difficult conditions in Kalymnos. This training was supported by Alternet (Kalliope Tsagari) and Wildsport, who covered all the expenses of Mr. Antonopoulos.