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By Bill Batson and Mark Davies, crew of Lyon Equipment, UK. Bill Batson (Lyon Equipment Training Manager and rescue specialist). Mark Davies (Lyon Equipment Trainer and Consultant).

This second training was the formalization of the Team’s collaboration with Wildsport, as their sponsor, as all the equipment used in the training and later at rescue was offered by this business. Also this project had the support of Petzl Foundation, who recognized the necessity of a trained team in Kalymnos, so they invited Lyon Equipment to train 6 of our members, forming the first core of the “technical” team inside the Rescue Team. This training was again supported by Alternet (Kalliopi Tsagari) who provided the accommodation and the car for free to the instructors, food to all the participants, and all the other expenses of the course e.g. the cost of the sea transfers.

photo credits: Stephane Lozac’hmeur

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