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Organized by instructors of the Italian CNSAS and the French National Police and Rescue Body.

Massimo Datrino:
Mountain Guide, Mountain Rescue Instructor, Helicopter Rescue Technician, in charge of Alpine Rescue in Aosta Valley, Italy, member of CNSAS.

Alain Meniere:
Instructor at the National Center of Ski and Alpinism of the French Police body (CNISAG) in Chamonix, Chief of Mountain Rescue and Instructor and officer of the French Police.

David Rastouil:
member of French Police body (CNISAG) in Chamonix.

Eight members of the Team had the chance to be trained in Rope Rescue techniques, in order to grow our technical team. With this course the team trained to deal with an accident in various difficult parts of a climbing route, or path, from handling the casualty and first aid to moving the casualty with a stretcher and ropes from any place, bolted or not.

This course was a unique example of international cooperation and friendship. It was organized and offered for free by the instructors and their institutions. Their residence, food and transportation in Kalymnos were totally offered by local businesses, as their way of supporting this fine project.

photo credits: David Rastouil

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