The Team operates from sunrise to sunset, in order to assure the rescuers’ personal safety.

The best way for somebody to find us in case of emergency, is to call 112 the European emergency number, without charge and with network coverage all over the island, and ask to be connected to the Hospital of Kalymnos. The hospital calls directly us and we get to the place of the accident.

It is extremely important for everyone to know that we arrive faster and better prepared if when you call for help you specify some simple things, like:

  • Your name and place you are at, sector, route, village, trekking path from…to…
  • What happened, where is the injury, is the person conscious or not, is the person hanging, on the ground or at some cave above/below the ground
  • Are there multiple people injured?
  • How long has it been since the accident

All this information can help us prepare correctly for the rescue, as in many cases we need to use rope techniques to approach and carry the casualty.

Caution:  Do not try to move or interfere with the casualty for no reason, as you might cause worse damage and also you make our first aid assessment more difficult. Leave the first aid practice only for those who are trained to do so.

Other useful numbers are…

Emergency office, Kalymnos hospital:   +30 22430 22166
Police station:   +30 22430 22100